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Minibus Hire Liverpool | Airport Transfers
Days Out | Nights Out |Golf Trips
Stag Night | Hen Night | Race Days

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Minibus Hire:   Terms & Conditions of Hire

Objections to the minibus hire Booking Conditions must be received within 24 hours of booking. Failure denotes acceptance of all A & A Travel Liverpool conditions.
1. Prices are quoted on the information given by the Hirer. Fuel costs, mileage, drivers' wages and Ministry of Transport Regulations affect the cost of Hire. Information such as collection and drop-off points which could reflect an inaccurate price should not be witheld. In the event of this happening the Hirer will be invoiced for the extra costs incurred.
2. Any changes to the routing, collection and drop-off points must be, at all times, confirmed with the A & A Travel Liverpool UK Office, not to the driver of the vehicle.
3. Vehicles will only carry up to the stated amount of passengers which the Hirer has designated and agreed with the Company.
4. Vehicles are maintained to a high standard in accordance with Ministry of Transport rules. Should breakdown occur, every endeavor will be made to provide a vehicle of similar standard.
5. A & A Travel Liverpool reserves the right to provide alternative vehicle(s) to carry out the hire.
6. A & A Travel Liverpool cannot be held responsible for failure to reach or leave destinations at a desired time due to bad weather conditions, traffic congestion, or any other matter which is beyond our control.
7. The Hirer must ensure that passengers adhere to collection and departure times. Failure to do so could lead to passengers being left.
8. The Hirer is responsible for the conduct of passengers on the vehicle and for any loss or damage incurred, no food or drink to be consumed on the vehicle.
9. A & A Travel Liverpool takes pride in the cleanliness of their vehicles and fully expects passengers to respect this. If the vehicle is in need of extensive valeting a charge will be made accordingly after the Hire.
10. In the event of the vehicle becoming soiled as the result of a passenger/s vomiting in the vehicle, a minimum charge of 30 will be made to the Hirer.
11. A & A Travel Liverpool reserves the right to refuse to carry any party. Any driver or servant of A & A Travel Liverpool can refuse to carry any passenger whose behaviour can be considered unruly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
12. A & A Travel Liverpool will not be held responsible for the safety or custody of personal belongings, purchases, luggage or any other items carried by any passenger or left on the vehicle.
13. Unless agreed in writing, the vehicles used on the hire are not available for the Hirer's use other than for the outward or return journeys. The vehicle (s) remaining at the drop off point/destination cannot be guaranteed.
14. Any balance of payment to be paid 5 days prior to the booking date unless otherwise confirmed.
15. Cancellation of booking results in loss of deposit.
16. Cancellation within 7 days of hire date results in 50% of the cost of hire to be paid (including deposit).
17. Cancellations within 24 hours of hire date results in the full fee to be paid.
18. All passengers must wear the seat belts provided in vehicle at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion. A & A Travel Liverpool will not accept any liability for injuries however caused whilst travelling on board the vehicle due to failure to wear the seat belt provided.
19. No drivers, servants or agents of A & A Travel Liverpool are empowered to alter, amend or cancel any of these conditions.

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